We know you have questions about what we do. See the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below.
Q: Do you charge by square feet?

No, we don’t! We take a look at your space before offering a quote to you, because we understand that every space is different.

Q: What does commercial/residental cleaning include?

Everything that you can think of! If you have any specific needs or requests, we're happy to listen and let you know how feasible it is - we do everything you can, and can't, think of.

Q: Do you offer residential cleaning?

Of course we do! We offer both residential, as well as corporate cleaning services. See our services page to learn more.

Q: How much does it cost for your services?

We come and see the area first before giving a quote, because every space is different, so call us today to get your quote!

Q: Do you offer warranty?

We are proud to have complete customer satisfaction, so if you're not happy with our work we'll make sure it fits your standards.